Time Out Massage Therapy and Body Works - Duncan, BC

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Visist my Studio
By Appointment Only Please
331 St. Julian St.
Duncan V9L 3S5
Lower Rear Enterance

Evening & Weekend
Can be arranged


Massage Therapy
Alternative Healing Treatments

My specialty

Let massage & body work
be part of your regular
self-care stratagies for the
best healing outcomes.

Ingrid J. Cline BA
Massage & Body Work Therapist

250-246-0511 mobile
More  than 15 Years Experience

A Professional Massage Experience
Treat yourself to an amazing experience

Enhance Mental Clairity
Promote Relaxation
Releave Stress
Reduce Anxiety
Reduce Insomnia
Detox the Body
Treats Depression

Travelers are Welcome

Massage & Body Work

Inspire, nurture and empower your wellbeing

Blend different practices to promote the ultimate healing results possible

Be the best you can be

PTSD - Trauma
Self Care & Wellness
Deep Relaxation & Body Mindfulness
Migraine Headaches Relief
Skyrocket Your Recovery Efforts
Lymphatic Drainage
Stress Disorders
Pre & Post Operative Healing Touch
Recovery from Injury
Sciatica & Hip Pain
Seniors Support
Sports Preparation Pre & Post Event
Body Builders - Deep Tissue

Begin Your
Healing Journey Today

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